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I see mainly two kinds of 20-somethings, those who steer away from having any kind of credit and those who take every credit offer there is.
Avoiding Credit Mistakes 20-somethings Make
The weather outside is frightful—and so are your energy costs. But these savvy tips from utility insiders can keep bills at bay.
Energy Experts Reveal Their Secrets For Slashing High Winter Bills
Four Things The Best 401(k) Plans Have In Common
Public Health Expert Explains How To Prevent A Panic About Ebola: Tell The Truth!
2 Mortgage Giants Plan To Ease Lending
Fake IRS Agents Scare Consumers Into Paying Up
8 Myths About The Rich And What We Can Learn From Them
How To Cut $1000 Out Of Your Comcast And AT&T Bills
Why Couples Shouldn’t Merge All Their Finances
Is The U.S. Ebola Strategy A Tragic Mistake?
Single-Family Housing Pemits Drop To Lowest Since May, Starts Rebound Due To Rental Unit Increase
Researchers Expect Over 20 US Ebola Cases In Weeks, ‘You Don’t Want To Know Worst Case’
Europe, Deflation And You
Average Rate On 30-year Home Loan 3.97%
Making Your Most Important Decision
Linda Rottenberg’s Tips For ‘Crazy’ Entrepreneurs
Start Now: A Step By Step, Tough Love Guide To Saving For Retirement In Your 20s
Nearing Retirement? Time To Tackle Your Debt
Ebola In Context: Liberia Needs 80,000 Body Bags & 1 Million HazMat Suits
2nd Ebola Patient’s Akron, Ohio Family Home Cordoned Off
U.S. Foreclosure Activity Falls To Eight-year Low
Stocks Seem Scary But Experts Say Sit Tight
America’s Poorest Cities
How To Halt Elder Financial Abuse
Roth Road To Riches
Will Your Favorite Tax Break Be Restored?
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With two weeks of weakness, one might be forgiven for thinking the crowded “long-dollar” train had let off a few passengers (after its post-Bretton Woods record-breaking streak of gains). But no, as Goldman notes, that train just got even more crowded… as overall USD speculative net positioning is now the most long it has been […]
The Crowded ‘Long-Dollar’ Train Just Got Even More Crowded
German software maker SAP (SAPG.DE) cut its 2014 operating profit forecast on Monday as customers shifted faster than expected to products delivered over the Internet, delaying when those orders can be booked as sales. Company executives said the accelerating switch from packaged software to so-called “cloud” software would shave about 200 million euros off a […]
Faster ‘Cloud’ Orders For SAP Hurt 2014 Profit Outlook
An Oil Contrarian Has Scored Another Coup Against His Wall Street Rivals
Technical Glitch Downs Bank Of England’s $110 Trillion Payments System
How Far Will The Stock Market Rebound Go?
Euro Risk Due To Possible Return Of Italy To Lira – Drachmas, Escudos, Pesetas And Punts?
Futures Fade Entire Overnight Rally
Three Of The Four JPMorgan ‘Market Bottom’ Indicators Are All Flashing ‘Oversold’ Green
When Confidence Crumbles
The Commodities Trading Cheat-Sheet
Why The Argentinean Situation Should Make You Buy Gold
Post-Taper Tantrum II: The Week Ahead
IBM Ditches 2015 Operating EPS Target, Shares Slump
Valeant Reports Better-than-expected Profit, Raises Forecast
Futures Lower As Weak IBM Earnings Weigh
Marc Andreessen To Quit EBay Board
Adidas Shares Jump On Report Of Bid For Reebok Unit
Solid Data, Earnings Push World Stocks Higher
IBM To Pay Globalfoundries To Take Chip Unit
Market Action Reinforces Need For Policy Patience: Fed’s Rosengren
Microsoft Plans To Launch Smartwatch Within Weeks
Business Jet Sales To Keep Rising But Some Purchases Delayed
Does Wall Street Have Another Wild Week Ahead?
IBM To Make ‘Major’ Announcement Today
Real Books Can Defeat Amazon And E-books
Michigan Weighs Whether To Bar Tesla
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<p>Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) may hate the Koch brothers, but there are a lot of people who hate Harry Reid. In fact, more people despise Reid than the villainous Koch brothers, whom Reid himself so despises.</p>
<p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">More people loathe Harry Reid than Koch brothers</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">Personal Liberty</a>.</p>
More People Loathe Harry Reid Than Koch Brothers
Driving back and forth to work each day can be such a pain that many people decide where to live based on the commute time.

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8 States With The Longest Commute Times
Here’s Who Should Be Happiest About Falling Oil Prices
China May Be Hacking Every iPhone User In The Country
The Prepper’s Library
It’s Good To Be Friends With Sen. Kay Hagan, As Long As She Can Get Re-elected
Minimum Wage Group Offers Pay That Undercuts The Wage They’re Demanding
Stunning Scenes From California’s Central Valley Drought
The Pentagon Will Use 30 Person ‘Quick-Strike Team’ To Deal With Domestic Ebola Patients
Our New Robot Overlords & The Third Type Of Capital
The Wolf Appears
Karl Rove Suppressed WMD Discoveries
The Dark Winter Exercise And The Current Ebola Problem
Cronyists, Fake Libertarians, And Poker Regulation
John Oliver Shreds U.S. Over Afghan Translators On ‘Last Week Tonight’
Transgender Military Service, Ebola, China’s Navy In The Week Ahead
It’s Time To Export American Energy
GOP Lawmakers: Congress Should Pass Ebola Travel Ban
Getting Used To The ‘New Mediocre’
Ukraine Says Russia Has Agreed To Supply Gas
Highly Educated, Unemployed And Tumbling Down
7 States Where The Most People Work From Home
Barack Obama Is A Conservative Plant
Nashville Cops Defy The Secret Service, Refuse To Violate The 4th Amendment
Obama Administration Has Prosecuted Media Leakers More Than All Other Presidential Administrations Combined
The Obama Administration’s Only West African Travel Ban Applies To U.S. Soldiers In The Hot Zone
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