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YouTube stars are becoming more and more like Hollywood celebrities, with hordes of screaming fans and generous incomes. But it turns out that they may be making even more money than you think. AdAge recently published a ranking of the top YouTube stars according to their estimated monthly earnings. The data was compiled by Outrigger […]
This 8-Year-Old Girl Makes $127,000 A Month Baking Sweets On YouTube
Don't close your 2014 income tax return files just yet. You should use that tax return to plan for the rest of this year and next year. Tax planning should be a year-round activity these days, and last year's tax return is the best place to start.
Planning 2015-2016 With Your 2014 Tax Return
Why Individual Investors Do So Poorly In The Market
6 Behaviors People In Business Loathe
Managing The Unmanageable: The 6 Most Common Types Of Difficult Employees
The Best And Worst Cities For Haircuts, Hotels, IPhones And More
The New Congressional Minimum Wage Act For Doctors
For The Next Generation, Sweatpants Will Be What Jeans Were To Us
New Strategies For Covering Long-term Care Costs
Obamacare’s Tax Day Mystery
10 Behaviors Of Smart People
Sneaky Recurring Contracts: 10 Common Ways Your Business Is Getting Overcharged
Five Money Rules For A Successful Retirement
10 Take-Charge Financial Strategies For Your 30s And 40s
How One Young Woman Retired With $2 Million By 35
Why You Should Fire Your Broker
Three Ways To Boost Retirement Savings
Are You Enjoying This Awful Tax Season?
Four Things Your Broker Won’t Tell You
The ‘Pension Squeeze’ Has Arrived, But You Can Escape…
3 Subtle Ways To Boost Your Communication IQ
Here’s What Futurist Ray Kurzweil Is Ingesting In His Bid To Live Forever
Never Underestimate The Business Advantages Of Dressing Well
How To Protect Your Social Security Benefits From Gov. Christie
How Do I Pay The ACA Penalty?
Boomers Retirement Confidence Falls To Five Year Low
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While the Chinese are long to bed, futures continue to trade on their exuberant stock market… and it’s going south in a hurry. As we noted earlier, the catalyst appears to be a regulatory decision to increase the number of ‘shortable’ securities (and follow-through from PBOC’s day prior demands of brokers to monitor margin trading). […]
Chinese Stocks Are Still Crashing
Today, I’m going to recommend 10 of the best stocks you can safely (and profitably) buy and hold for the next 10 years. And if you cringed at the words “buy and hold,” I understand.
The 10 Best Stocks For The Next 10 Years
Global Futures Slide After Worldwide Bloomberg Outage, China Tumbles On Short Selling Boost
The Minimum Price For Gold, Part II
How Children Of The 0.001% Choose Their College
Trina Solar’s Product Development Makes It A Good Buy
3 Nasdaq Stocks Headed For A Short Squeeze
This Small-Cap ETF Will Capture The Growth In China’s Middle Class
Show This Article To Someone Under 30
What’s Up With Apple? Pros See Stock Climbing Towards $200
A New Twist On Socially Responsible Investing
Reliance Just Made A Killing In Its Refinery Business
American Consumers Are Spending More On Organic Foods, And So Is Their Government
Scientists Have Found A New Possible Cause For Alzheimer’s Disease
Coke To Buy China Multi-grain Drinks Maker For $400 Million
Alibaba Inks Deal With Shanghai GM To Finance Car Purchases
Futures Drop After Weak Results; Inflation Data Due
Shares Hit By China Trading Clampdown Fears
Honeywell First-quarter Revenue Misses Estimates Due To Strong Dollar
Oil Slips Below $64 As Ample Supplies Weigh
With SUVs, Chinese Carmakers At Last Unsettle Foreign Brands
Fed May Allow Banks To Use Muni Bonds To Meet Liquidity Rules
Saudi Oil Production Hits All Time High, Surges By ‘Half A Bakken’
Ben Bernanke To Join World’s Most Levered Hedge Fund: HFT Powerhouse Citadel
The Minimum Price For Gold, Part 1
Why Is WalMart Mysteriously Shuttering Stores Nationwide For “Plumbing Issues”?
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The American people remain eager to be persuaded that a new president in the White House can solve the problems that plague us. Yet no matter who wins this next presidential election, you can rest assured that the new boss will be the same as the old boss, and we – the permanent underclass in […]
No Matter Who Wins The White House, The New Boss Will Be The Same As The Old Boss
Based on the newsflow in the last few weeks, Americans must increasingly consider themselves lucky just to avoid getting shot in the back or being run over by trigger-happy, heavily armed officers of the law. Unfortunately while we (hope we) mostly jest, the reality is that America has quietly turned into a heavily weaponized police […]
San Antonio Woman Fined $2000 For Feeding The Homeless
Core Inflation Jumps Most Since October Due To Rent, Healthcare Costs
Signs That ‘The Elites’ Are Feverishly Preparing For Something Big
Conspiracy Theorists, Bloggers Compared To ISIS During Congressional Hearing
House Votes 240-179 To Repeal Estate Tax
Yahoo Has A Bad Habit Of Buying Talent Through Acquisitions
Gasoline, Shelter Costs Lift U.S. Consumer Prices
U.S. Companies Use More Of Their Bank Credit Lines In Sign Of Confidence
Where Have All The Consumers Gone?
There’s No Shortage Of Bad Ideas On Social Security
Why Are Republicans Still Bashing Congress?
The Changing World Of Work 4: The “Signal” Value Of Credentials Is Eroding
Housing Starts And Permits Miss Badly As “Warm Weather” Rebound Fails To Materialize
Initial Jobless Claims Miss By Most In 2 Months, Continuing Claims Collapse To Lowest Since Dec 2000
U.S. And Global Property Bubble Fears Mount
The Collapse Of The Petrodollar: Oil Exporters Are Dumping U.S. Assets At A Record Pace
March Housing Starts Rise But Miss Estimates
Mexico Reaps Investment, Jobs From Auto Boom
Fed Beige Book: Economy Still Growing But Slowly
U.S. Jobless Claims Rise; Continuing Claims Lowest Since 2000
China March FDI Robust At $12.4 Billion, Outbound Flows Up 29.6 Percent In First-quarter
Putin’s Iran Game Bests Obama
Why China’s Numbers Are Worse Than They Seem
Cuba Is Not A Terrorist State
Boehner: Obama Made A Deal With The Devil
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