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  • Why Wall Street ‘Geniuses’ Keep Missing Triple-Digit Winner

    Let me ask you a question: Who is the most successful investor of all time? I'm guessing most of you are thinking Warren Buffett, but you're wrong. Buffett's annualized return (as measured by growth in book value) is "only" about 20 percent since... Read More >>

    How To Profit From The ‘iCash’ Phenomenon

    When asking for my check after dinner the other night, the waitress came by with her iPad and up on her screen came a place for me to review and sign my bill. "Do you want me to text you the credit card receipt?" she asked. "What the heck is... Read More >>

    This Near Monopoly Can Still Double The Size Of Its Business

    It's happened to all of us. We're running down an airport corridor, sweating like a stevedore and hoping like hell we make the flight. We fly down the concourse and arrive at the gate just as the ground crew is beginning to close the door. Huffing and... Read More >>

    Forget Coca-Cola: Buy This Stock Instead

    My job as chief investment strategist for Game-Changing Stocks requires me to look for "the next big thing." Sometimes, that means I'm looking through obscure government reports to learn about the latest technology the Pentagon is using that could soon... Read More >>

    How To Profit From ‘The Death Of Cash’

    The Wall Street crowd is starting to get the picture. On the cover of a recent issue of Fortune magazine was an article examining an impending transition that I've been talking about for some time: "The Death of Cash." The magazine examined some large... Read More >>

    A Stock Below $5 You Can Hold ‘Forever’

    It really shouldn't matter a lick what price a stock is trading at. There is no fundamental difference between a stock with 1 million shares trading at $50 and a stock with 10 million shares trading at $5. Then again, there are people whose interest is... Read More >>

    Unlock The Hidden Stock Market Where Ex-Presidents Make Millions Of Dollars

    You don't hear much from George W. Bush these days. You'll occasionally see a clip of him at a speaking engagement or in a photo op from time to time, but other than that, not much. What's he been up to? Allow me to share with you a prediction. I think... Read More >>

    How John Deere Led To My 11 Shocking Predictions For 2014

    Innovation is the most powerful force an investor can harness. It supercharges companies and helps them deliver outsized results. By using a relatively small allocation of your equity portfolio's assets, you can effectively capture these returns and have... Read More >>

    My ’10 Percent Solution’ For Increasing Your Chances Of Becoming A Millionaire

    Do you want to become a millionaire? That's obviously a rhetorical question; the majority of us would love it. But what's your plan for achieving that goal? If your plan is to make that sort of wealth in the stock market, then what's your strategy? Do you... Read More >>

    My Shocking Investment Prediction For The Next 18 Months

    When you're looking for explosive gains in stocks, getting in on the ground floor is everything. That's why, as the chief investment strategist behind Game-Changing Stocks, it's my job to predict "the next big thing" before it happens. Over the... Read More >>

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