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  • Using Protection Trusts To Help Heirs

    "Great Fortunes Lost" was the title of an article in Fortune magazine  some years ago. It described how various individuals, usually heirs, lost or squandered very large fortunes. Some of the individuals lost more than money. They lost their health or wasted... Read More >>

    Expanding The Roth IRA Opportunity

    Roth IRAs remain one of the most neglected tax and financial planning opportunities. Even many of those who convert their traditional individual retirement accounts to Roths don’t take advantage of all the strategies available to maximize tax-free... Read More >>

    Curbing The High Cost Of Retirement Medical Care

    The cost of retirement medical care continues to rise and to be the wild card in retirement plans. Reports and studies update the estimates of the cost of retirement medical care each year. They show the cost to be high and also very unpredictable for... Read More >>

    Comparing Bonds To Annuities For Better Retirement Income

    Can you build a bond portfolio that provides better retirement income security than an immediate annuity? Economists and many financial advisers believe some portion of a retiree’s portfolio should be placed in immediate annuities. There are a lot of... Read More >>

    Making Your Estate Plan Personal

    Your estate plan doesn’t have to be only a bunch of documents drafted by lawyers. While the legal documents are essential, they don’t have to be the complete package. You can wrap it up by adding some personal touches to the plan. This touch often... Read More >>

    Updating The Bypass Trust To Minimize Your Tax Burden

    Is the bypass trust dead? Many people believed when the lifetime estate tax exemption rose to $5 million per person (indexed for inflation), the role of bypass trusts in most estates ended. Far from it. Under the current tax law, the bypass trust can be... Read More >>

    Estate Planning For Modern Families

    Traditional estate plans don’t work well for many families these days. A traditional plan is for couples who are in their first and only marriage and have only kids from that marriage. Different plans, tools and strategies might be needed for people with... Read More >>

    Planning 2014’s Taxes With Your 2013 Tax Return

    Taxes are one of your largest retirement expenses. Your 2013 Federal income tax form is a guide to reducing those taxes in 2014. Before filing away the return for last year’s taxes, take a few minutes to study it. A careful review of the return can point... Read More >>

    Using Charitable Gifts To Increase Your Income

    Charitable gifts can help many people. Of course, they help the beneficiaries of charities. Well-planned gifts also can help the donor by reducing income taxes and by providing a stream of income from an asset that previously generated no income. There are... Read More >>

    Dealing With The Latest Turmoil In Long-Term Care Insurance

    The turmoil in long-term care insurance continues. In recent years, a number of insurers raised premiums substantially on existing policies or exited the market. A year ago, it appeared things would stabilize after the shakeout, but a new round of premium... Read More >>

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