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  • Income Investing When Interest Rates Rise

    Cash is trash, but many investors are afraid of bonds. Cash is trash these days because yields are too low. You lose purchasing power after inflation and taxes. Even if you shop around, you’ll find that on a five-year CD you’re going to earn a little... Read More >>

    Estimating Retirement Medical Expenses

    The ability to handle lifetime medical expenses is the key to a financially sustainable retirement, according to new studies such as one by the Employee Benefits Research Institute. Yet medical expenses also are the wild card in retirement finance, because... Read More >>

    Planning For Digital Assets

    We moved rapidly from a paper to a digital business and financial world. Digital assets and transactions probably are a bigger part of your life than you realize, even when you think you don’t use much technology. The digital world needs to be in your... Read More >>

    Prevailing In The Long-Term Care Crisis

    The good news about long-term care is that the cost is rising at a slower rate. Yet LTC still is expensive, and its cost is rising at a faster rate than general inflation. The latest annual Cost of Care Survey from Genworth, the leading LTC insurer, at... Read More >>

    Using Home Equity To Fund Retirement

    Key changes recently were made in reverse mortgages. You should be aware of the changes and how they affect the way reverse mortgages can help increase your financial independence. Properly used, they are tools for employing home equity to enhance your... Read More >>

    Knowing When To Update Your Plan

    Having an estate plan is important, but having one means only part of your job is done. A plan has to be complete and current. Not enough people have an estate plan. But of those who do, a high percentage let their plans become outdated. Sometimes having a... Read More >>

    The 7 Tax Rules Of Mutual Funds

    Mutual funds seem easy, and most investors believe they understand funds. But the income tax rules for funds are more involved than many people realize. Knowing the nuances of the rules is important. Taking different actions or changing their timing could... Read More >>

    Avoiding Hidden Threats To Your Security

    Some of the most serious threats to financial independence are often overlooked. Yet a few simple actions can avoid large losses from these risks. In addition, you can reduce substantially your out-of-pocket expenses when you pay attention to these neglected... Read More >>

    The New Focus Of Estate Planning

    Estate planning’s been in turmoil for more than a decade, but the tax law is settled and the new rules and strategies are clearer. The turmoil began with the 2001 tax law that made multiple changes over 10 years and then scheduled a reversion to the 2000... Read More >>

    Estate Planning with Roth IRAs

    An IRA, especially a Roth IRA, is valuable for more than your retirement planning. Your estate plan can be much better when a Roth IRA is shrewdly used. Instead of looking at the front-end tax benefits and costs, take the long-term view. While converting a... Read More >>

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