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  • Roth Accounts: Not Only for the Young

    Roth IRAs aren’t very old, but they already spawned some rules of thumb. The most common rule of thumb for Roth IRA is that they’re for relatively younger people. Unfortunately, this rule of thumb is the result of some good research that is distorted and... Read More >>

    Medicare Myths And Mistakes

    Medicare and medical expenses are among the most misunderstood parts of retirement and retirement spending. Many surveys have documented how ill-informed both financial professionals and individuals are on these topics. It’s no wonder that the leading cause... Read More >>

    Reviewing Your Estate Plan Essentials

    You need a complete, up-to-date estate plan now more than ever, regardless of the value of your estate. Estate planning never was all about taxes, though people thought it was back when estate taxes clipped many estates. Because few estates will face a... Read More >>

    Making Smarter Gifts To Family Members

    Giving gifts isn’t as easy as one might think. It’s not easy, that is, if you want to maximize the value and impact of your gifts. Watching every gift is the tax man, looking to take a piece of it. Even if your estate isn’t likely to be taxable, taxes... Read More >>

    Higher Returns on Safe Money Plus Long-Term Care Benefits

    Most of you have a slug of “safe money” on which you’d like to earn a higher return without risking your principal. You also would like to protect your estates from long-term care expenses without the use-it-or-lose-it feature of standalone long-term... Read More >>

    Making Your Most Important Decision

    Selecting the executor of your estate or a trustee is one of the most important decisions in estate planning. We’re going to discuss the factors in that decision. To keep this simple, I’m going to assume we’re talking about selecting a trustee, but the... Read More >>

    Integrating IRAs into Estate Plans

    IRAs are among the most valuable assets in many estates. The right moves can maximize the after-tax value of the IRAs for the objects of your affection. Too often, not enough thought is given to the different ways IRAs can be handled in an estate plan, so the... Read More >>

    Two Important New IRA Rules

    Summer began with announcements of a couple of surprising changes about IRAs. These important rules should figure in your IRA planning. First, the Supreme Court weighed in. The background is that in 2005 the federal bankruptcy law was revised. One of... Read More >>

    Why You Should Like 529 Plans

    Grandparents are contributing more to their grandkids' educations than in the past, and the best way to do this is through a section 529 college savings plan. Even when it isn't clear a grandchild will attend college, a 529 savings plan is a good estate and... Read More >>

    Staying In The 15 Percent Tax Bracket For Life

    Retirees often are blindsided by high tax bills. Retirees are the targets of many of tax increases, though they aren’t explicitly named. Instead, Congress enacts stealth taxes that quietly drain cash from retirees. Fortunately, you can fight back.... Read More >>

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