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  • Avoiding Expensive IRA Mistakes

    Too many people leave too much money on the table when managing their IRAs. It’s not surprising. IRA rules and strategies can be more complicated once the early contribution and accumulation years are behind us. There are various tricks and traps in the IRA... Read More >>

    Probating Your Estate: Issues And Opportunities

    Do you want your estate to avoid probate? If so, how should you avoid probate? Those are key questions that need to be answered as part of your estate plan. The answers often depend on where you live, how valuable your estate is and the types of assets you... Read More >>

    Spotting Overlooked IRA Opportunities

    Individual retirement accounts hold the bulk of most people's retirement nest eggs. They are vital to successful retirement. Yet many people leave a lot of IRA money on the table. They don't realize the many strategies available to increase the after-tax... Read More >>

    Building The Complete Estate Plan

    Many people think they have estate plans but really don’t. I’m not talking about the many people who haven’t done any planning and don’t have even a basic will. I’m talking about people who have taken action on their estate plans, yet have plans... Read More >>

    Separating The Myths And Facts Of Long-Term Care

    Long-term care is a great American paradox. On the one hand, most people don’t want to talk about it. A recent survey found that 25 percent of adults would rather go to the dentist than discuss LTC. Fewer than 30 percent of adults have had a conversation... Read More >>

    Planning 2015-2016 With Your 2014 Tax Return

    Don't close your 2014 income tax return files just yet. You should use that tax return to plan for the rest of this year and next year. Tax planning should be a year-round activity these days, and last year's tax return is the best place to start. The federal... Read More >>

    Estate Tax Tricks, Traps For Married Couples

    Too many married couples are making a big mistake. They believe current estate tax law exempts them from having to plan or consider estate taxes in their plans. That misunderstanding could lead to problems. While the estate tax law enacted in early 2013 has... Read More >>

    Facts And Myths About Social Security

    Almost everyone has a Social Security number and is eligible for Social Security benefits. Yet, survey after survey indicates people know little about the program and their benefits. Also, much of what people think they know is wrong. Let’s took a look at... Read More >>

    Closing The Door To Your Greatest Fraud Risk

    The recent headlines about the theft of tens of millions of personal information files from health insurer Anthem shouldn’t have been a surprise, and it is the type of action you should expect to hear about regularly. Your greatest risk of being scammed... Read More >>

    Hype About ‘Secret Accounts’ — Exposed

    This week we're going to reveal the facts behind some rather questionable marketing pitches. Have you heard of the Secret 770 Account? The President's Account? What about Banking on Yourself® or Infinite Banking? Becoming Your Own Banker, The Personal Bank... Read More >>

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