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  • If You Own Even $100 Worth Of Stocks, Make Sure To Read This

    The key to growing wealth is a growing world. And the global economy is growing. That's not based on one data point or some convoluted gross domestic product survey. As my longtime readers know, I use "real world," primary sources of data. And... Read More >>

    The Right Way to View ‘Annualized Gain’ Claims

    Who wouldn't like to claim a 423,181 percent return in one day? Earlier this year, one of my analysts logged a trade with an annualized gain of 423,181 percent. (That's not a typo.) Of course, he's no billionaire just because of that trade. But his... Read More >>

    What My ‘Perfect Indicator’ Is Saying About Muni Bonds

    Almost every finance guru I know has one person he uses as the "perfect indicator." This is the one person who always seems to be running with the herd and who is always doing the wrong thing with his investments. When that person gets incredibly... Read More >>

    If You’re Worried About Rising Interest Rates, Look at This Chart

    "Don't fight the Fed." You can hear that phrase on bond-trading desks throughout Wall Street. It's a warning to investors and traders. Don't try to outthink the central bank or anticipate its next moves. Federal Reserve policies and their... Read More >>

    A Common-Sense Answer To The Biggest Retirement Worry

    Here's the No. 1 worry I'm hearing from my family, my friends and my readers — especially folks who are in or nearing retirement. "I'm worried about all this government spending producing rampant inflation and ruining my savings." My... Read More >>

    What’s Going On With Inflation Today… And What To Do About It

    Every month, about 300,000 Americans celebrate their 65th birthday. This is the age most of us think of when we hear "retirement." The arch nemesis of those newly minted retirees is inflation. Most folks looking to retire need safe investment... Read More >>

    If You’re Not Buying Stocks Yet, You Need To See These Charts

    Last month, I ran through a set of figures that cover a huge concern for retirees. It's vitally important information that affects nearly every dollar you have invested, yet most of what you hear about this idea is bunk. I'm talking about the concern that the... Read More >>

    A Tax ‘Loophole’ That Will Help You Pay For Your Dream Vacation Home

    I bet you've never heard of this. It's a special government loophole that allows you to earn extra cash, totally tax-free. It's 100 percent legal and simple to use. It can even help you pay for a dream vacation home. This loophole is not for everyone. But if... Read More >>

    A Gift From The Market: Safe 6 Percent Interest You Won’t Pay Taxes On

    Income investors just received a gift from the market. Right now, you can earn a safe 6 percent yield on your cash. You don't have to take a big risk to earn this yield. You don't have to open a new bank account. You don't have to invest in a foreign... Read More >>

    Here’s What Poor People Don’t Know About Gold

    When gold fell $125 an ounce this past month, did you react like a wealthy man or a poor man?  The difference between the two reactions is huge. If you picked the right one, chances are good you'll make money as a long-term investor. For many years, I've... Read More >>

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