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  • Rural Riches

    The United States is all about equal access to the basic fundamental services, regardless of whether you're in the center of one of the Nation's urban cities or whether you're living, working and enjoying your bucolic life in the countryside. This means... Read More >>

    Waiting For Bernanke

    Over the past few months, the markets have really been sticking it to seemingly any and every investment that pays a decent dividend. And it really hasn't mattered about the underlying companies or investments: If it has yield, it's had a hard time in the... Read More >>

    Down Market Is Right-Side Up Again

    This week is working out to be a very good one for voters and investors in one of the world's most-focused, resource-based economies and markets. Australia had lost its way. The government that had gotten the nation to a period of sustained growth and... Read More >>

    Yield Deals Right Now

    Don’t be scared about the recent rise of interest rates. The bond markets are now providing an excellent opportunity to lock in great yields that you won’t want to miss, since they don’t come along that often. To start out, you need to know that not... Read More >>

    Lessons From ‘Pawn Stars’

    I'm not much into the genre of pop television comically referred to as reality shows. But I know darn well that I'm in a small minority as millions of Americans and millions more people around the globe are rabid fans of shows that range from "Jersey Shore"... Read More >>

    The Adults Are Back In Charge

    Mexico has been getting a bad reputation over the past few years. With the Columbians forced out of drug trafficking, Mexico has become the main source for illegal drugs for the United States, controlling an estimated 90 percent of the underground market. ... Read More >>

    Tune In Now For Three Great Deals

    When you hear mention in the media of big deals, takeovers and heady market activity you may think about another wave of Internet companies run by teenagers from their parent's garage turning themselves into billionaires. Sure, there have been a bunch of... Read More >>

    A Bigger Market Means Bigger Dividends

    Last month was a good one for the markets. The Standard & Poor's 500 index climbed back up more than 6 percent and the Dow Jones industrial average was not far behind. And the bond market stabilized while earning investors their yield. More importantly,... Read More >>

    You’re Going To Make Some Money From The New EPA Chief

    Gina McCarthy was confirmed by the U.S. Senate this month to become the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And while many are concerned about her views on the concept of global warming, it's her background and education that... Read More >>

    Motown’s Blunders Bring You Your Next Fortune

    Detroit drove itself into the ditch. With local and State tax and other policies, it drove away businesses; and much of the residential population left after the businesses did. And while the city was heading south, politicos eager to keep their own jobs... Read More >>

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