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  • Here’s The One Thing Every Investor Needs To Know About Syria

    Wall Street doesn't care about the situation in Syria. For proof, U.S. stocks are up seven trading days in a row. Stocks fall whenever there's "uncertainty" out there. Yet, stocks have gone up for seven straight days. And that brings us to... Read More >>

    Socialism Ain’t All That Bad

    "If this is what socialism looks like, then I think I'm going to be just fine," my father-in-law said while we were in Europe earlier this summer. He was only partly joking. You see, my father-in-law is in his 70s. He is an American war veteran... Read More >>

    One Simple Thing You Can Do To Increase Your Returns Dramatically

    It's so simple, so easy; and it can dramatically increase your investment returns. Yet most people don't do it. Heck, I know I have trouble doing it. Still, I know it works -- because when I manage to do it, I've made a lot of money. So what is it?... Read More >>

    If You Own A Savings Account, You Should Be Worried About This

    Last week, I went into my local branch of a major national bank to withdraw $15,000 in cash. The teller looked confused, like she didn't know what to do. I started to worry. "Is there a problem with my account?" I asked. I knew I had the money in there,... Read More >>

    The Best Seven-Year Investment Forecast

    By luck or by skill, Jeremy Grantham delivered the best stock-market forecast in our entire generation. In 2001, Grantham correctly predicted that U.S. stocks would be the worst-performing asset class for 10 years. They were. But this was more... Read More >>

    An Exit Strategy From The Father Of Value Investing

    "My favorite holding period is forever," investing legend Warren Buffett likes to say. Hey, that's my favorite holding period, too. It's great when you can buy the right investment at the right price, and it just keeps on delivering. Buffett has... Read More >>

    My Simple Approach To Sizing Up Any Investment

    People often ask me, "Steve, how do you know how to size up so many different types of investments?" On the surface, that's a difficult task. After all, what do stocks in Hong Kong have to do with U.S. real estate, Japanese bonds or gold-mining... Read More >>

    I Just Figured Out The Real Secret to My Success

    I've finally figured out the real secret to my success. It's something I've unknowingly been doing my whole life. I know I should have figured it out earlier. I'm in my 40s now. Just imagine where I'd be if I'd figured it out 20 years ago. Unfortunately,... Read More >>

    How To Lock In 995 Percent Profits

    "How did you make 995 percent on that trade?" We have a new, young employee in the office. He's just learning the ropes. When he saw that subscribers had made 995 percent on a stock recommendation, he wanted to know how we did it. I assume he asked because... Read More >>

    The First Chinks In Housing’s Armor

    My favorite idea for the past couple years has been U.S. housing. The idea is simple. It's based on the fact that two once-in-a-lifetime things have come together. We're dealing with: The biggest housing price crash in generations. The lowest mortgage... Read More >>

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