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  • Afraid to bargain for a used car? Debunk your fears with these powerful tactics

    I have run the numbers and know the importance of bargaining for a deal when buying a car. But I don’t like bargaining. Confrontation isn’t fun for me. Recently, I found comfort and confidence in some tactics to get a deal on my most recent used car... Read More >>

    My Debt Snowball Beats The Pants Off Your Debt Avalanche

    The debate has raged on for decades inside the personal finance space: Which method pays off debt faster, the debt snowball or the debt avalanche? Many of us are analytical and love to use math to explain how the debt-avalanche method is superior because... Read More >>

    Repurpose, Retire Or Resell: What To Do With Old Gadgets

    I was recently chided for listening to podcasts on my old iPod Nano. On Facebook I was told, “Steve, you need some new technology. Consider it a business expense! ‪#noiPods ‪#itsnot2005anymore ‪#trustme.” My friend was just playing with me, of... Read More >>

    Top 10 Financial Oxymorons And Misnomers

    An oxymoron is a phrase that contradicts itself. A misnomer is a wrong or inaccurate use of a term. Both are misleading and can be damaging to your finances. I asked the Debt Freedom Fighter group on Facebook what they thought were the worst Financial... Read More >>

    The Best Places To Find Free Financial Advice

    You’ve likely heard the old saying “You get what you pay for.” In most cases that is true, but free financial advice is available to those who seek it. TV/Radio The advice given on broadcast cable stations and your local radio channel are just that:... Read More >>

    I Can’t Live Without My Smartphone

    It started so innocently: We needed phones in case our daughter was hurt or if our car broke down. Back then, circa 2005, all we needed was a dial tone from a device that wasn’t connected to the kitchen wall. Today our devices allow my entire family,... Read More >>

    Is There A Place For Plastc In An Apple Pay World?

    A new one-card-fits-all payment gadget is about to hit the market. Plastc, an electronic credit card-sized device, is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2015. It will first be released to consumers in the United States with future updates that will... Read More >>

    Finding Your Balance Between The Three Pillars Of Personal Finance

    As a financial coach, I hear people make this statement, “If I could just make more money I could start saving for retirement.” For the majority of Americans, producing a healthy income is only half the challenge. There are two other factors that make up... Read More >>

    Be Aware Of Hidden Costs From Lending To Others

    The average investor now has the ability to make a better return on semi-liquid cash, thanks to peer-to-peer lending. The risks can be mitigated and most peer-to-peer investors can net 4 percent to 10 percent on their money. It’s hard to argue against those... Read More >>

    Land The Big Job Without A Big Education

    How do you get a raise? You rock at your job. How do you rock your job? You apply your skills and knowledge to your work and bring value to your company. How do you learn these skills and knowledge to bring value to the company? You become educated in... Read More >>

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