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  • Land The Big Job Without A Big Education

    How do you get a raise? You rock at your job. How do you rock your job? You apply your skills and knowledge to your work and bring value to your company. How do you learn these skills and knowledge to bring value to the company? You become educated in... Read More >>

    Three Important Things To Remember When Buying A Car

    Transportation is the third largest expense in most people's budget. Housing and taxes can consume up to half of the average American’s income. Cars suck up another 5 percent to 20 percent, depending on number of vehicles and if the consumer is carrying... Read More >>

    My Last-Minute Christmas Data Diet

    I had to go on a data diet just before Christmas. Twitter, Facebook, email and using my iPhone to replace crummy hotel Wi-Fi for a webinar I hosted in December ate up a bunch of our monthly data allotment. Compound that with my daughter’s love affair... Read More >>

    How To Survive Despite A Sucky Credit Score

    In my humble opinion, credit scores are overrated. There are too many journalists, bloggers and financial experts eager to tell you how to build your score but few of them challenge the status quo and point out the truth: You can succeed despite a sucky... Read More >>

    Pessimists, Opportunists And The Half Glass Quiz

    Recently, I flew from St. Louis to Los Angeles. The plane departed at 1:30 p.m. Central time and landed at 3:30 p.m. Pacific. In other words, we flew for four hours but lost only two on the clock. How would you look at this? Do you see it as losing two... Read More >>

    What’s Wrong With Getting Rid Of Credit Cards?

    I was surprised by a BankRate survey that showed 63 percent of Americans ages 18 to 29 don’t have a credit card. Why is that? Is it because they can’t qualify? Of course not -- every gas station, hardware store and department store will offer you their... Read More >>

    Coin Has Its Problems; Obsolescence Isn’t One Of Them

    I'm really excited about Coin, an electronic card that is the size of a credit card and stores up to eight debit, credit and gift card account numbers in one. I was one of the first people to order a Coin, and mine will be shipping soon. However, Coin... Read More >>

    Is Overdraft Protection A Good Deal?

    If you are shopping for a new bank account, then you want to be informed about overdraft protection. Banks love to offer overdraft protection to new customers, but is it a good deal for you? What Is Overdraft Protection? Overdraft protection is a... Read More >>

    Best Practices For Investing In A Down Market

    In the past few weeks, we have seen the market go up quite a bit; but we've also seen it drop a full percentage point. Experts have been warning us about a double-dip recession, saying it's "a time to be worried.” If you are a buy-and-hold investor like me,... Read More >>

    What To Do When Your Card Is Stolen

    Don’t be alarmed; just be prepared: Your plastic is about to be stolen. According to a Bureau of Justice’s report on identity theft in 2012, the victim population was 16.6 million people. That means identity theft occurs once every two... Read More >>

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