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  • Normalizing Cuba

    After 56 years, America has moved to remove the economic embargo on Cuba. It’s a move steeped in American foreign policy hypocrisy. In making the announcement about normalizing relations, President Barack Obama said: “It is clear that decades of U.S.... Read More >>

    Vermont Ditches Dream Of Single-payer Health Coverage

    Saying the plan would simply be too expensive to implement and operate, Vermont Gov. Pete Shumlin, a Democrat who very much wanted to see it succeed, has announced the state will not attempt to implement a hybrid form of state-controlled, single-payer health... Read More >>

    Greek Vote Bribery Scandal Brings Goldman’s “Worst Case” Scenario Closer

    While no one will be entirely surprised in today's consequence-less world, the "bombshell" news that Greek Independent MP Pavlos Haikalis claims he was offered EUR 2-3 million in order to vote for Greece's next President is no less shocking in its exposure.... Read More >>

    ‘It’s A Huge Crisis’ — The UK Oil Industry Is ‘Close To Collapse’

    It seems like only yesterday when back on October 11, we first explained -- and previewed -- the collapse of oil courtesy of the secret deal between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. However, it seems like only this morning when we subsequently wrote that "If The... Read More >>

    Obama Spins Executive Orders As ‘Presidential Memoranda’ To Avoid Scrutiny

    If there’s one thing we have learned about Barack Obama, it’s that he is a master of deception and absolutely loves to lie to the public. He seems to enjoy conning the plebs to such a degree, I think he actually receives blasts of dopamine every time he... Read More >>

    Frenzied Chinese Stock Buyers Soak Up So Much Liquidity, Central Bank Forced To Intervene, Prevent Seizure

    While today's rabid explosion in the S&P500, coupled with a literal break in the NY Fed/Citadel market boosting algo which went haywire in the last moments of trading and pushed the S&P up to 2130 in milliseconds via Kevin Henry's preferred SPY ETF,... Read More >>

    Fog Of War

    I think this man must be worried. He has a huge weight on his shoulders. This is Thomas Jordan, the head of the Swiss National Bank. Mr. Jordan has excellent academic credentials. He's a scholar, and a 'lifer' at the SNB: University of Berne, PHD... Read More >>

    Cheap Oil: Too Much Of A Good Thing?

    The 40% drop in oil prices over the past 6 months has garnered a lot of attention recently, most of it focused on the economic stimulus lower oil prices should provide the global economy, the impact on currency and fixed-income markets and the increase in... Read More >>

    Leaked Internal CIA Document Admits US Drone Program “Counterproductive”

    Previously-leaked documents showed that the CIA warned Obama that funding rebels doesn’t work … but Obama decided to fund the Syrian rebels anyway for cynical political gain. Top CIA officers say that drone strikes increase terrorism (and see this).... Read More >>

    Who Will Be Tomorrow’s Superpower?

    There’s a popular geopolitical parlor game called 'Who will be the next superpower?' While the game excels at triggering a mind-fogging tsunami of nationalistic emotions, it doesn’t shed much light on the really consequential question: What is... Read More >>

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