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  • Bashing The Koch Brothers While Taking Soros Money: It’s A Democrat Thing; You Wouldn’t Understand

    In a condescending evasion, the head of yet another progressive PAC is justifying his group’s acceptance of funds from progressive billionaire George Soros, even as he condemns conservative committees for saying “yes” to contributions from the... Read More >>

    Police Lobby Gears Up To Protect Militarization Of Law Enforcement

    As the Department of Justice faces increasing pressure to examine the militarization of American law enforcement agencies, police associations have kicked off lobbying efforts aimed at keeping intact the Pentagon program that allows police to acquire military... Read More >>

    Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Is A Warmonger Who Would Get Clobbered In 2016

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) this week blasted former Secretary of State— and potential 2016 presidential contender— Hillary Clinton and other “U.S. interventionists” he says are responsible for empowering the Islamic State terror group’s advances in the... Read More >>

    Personal Spending Suffers First Drop Since January As Consumer Income, Outlays Miss

    Judging by the just released personal income and spending data, consumers are already forecasting a long, harsh winter. With incomes and outlays expected to rise by 0.3% and 0.2% respectively, the July data was a big dud, missing on both expectations, and... Read More >>

    Putin Says Everything U.S. Touches Turns Out Like Libya Or Iraq

    Having been quiet for a few days, comfortable sitting back and watching NATO, Europe, and the US escalate each other's talking points to a frenzy of populist revolt, Russia's Vladimir Putin has come out swinging this morning: Click to read the full story Read More >>

    Obama: “We Don’t Have A Strategy Yet”

    President Obama 'knows' how to handle Putin's 'continuation' (not 'invasion') - more sanctions (and costs for Europe) - but when it comes to beating the most "barbaric" terrorists known as ISIS, ISIL, or The Islamic State; he had this to offer... "I don't... Read More >>

    A World Without Fractional Reserve Banks And Central Planning

    In a very real sense, it is fractional reserve banking and not money itself that is the root of so many of today’s evils. Whenever fractional reserves are permitted, the banking system – including the one that exists today throughout the world – comes... Read More >>

    Obama’s National Security Council Meeting Has Concluded: Here Are The People Bringing You ISIS “Strategy”

    Shortly after Obama admitted to the world he has no strategy how to deal with ISIS, about two weeks after the "humanitarian" bombing of Iraq started, he rushed into a meeting of his National Security Council. Two and a half hours later, the meeting has... Read More >>

    The Fed’s “Mutant, Broken Market”

    Financial markets are broken. Fundamental analysis and Modern Portfolio Theory are relics of the past. Investors used to care about maximizing a portfolio’s expected return for a given amount of targeted risk. The goal used to be that prudent... Read More >>

    What Leading From Behind Looks Like

    I do not think Barack Obama is a closet sympathizer of muslim Jihadists bent on our destruction, but God help me I suddenly understand how some have arrived at that conclusion. To stand up and tell the world that we are going to do zero to help Ukraine and... Read More >>

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