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  • 5 Steps To Powerful Passive Investing

    The first thing that comes to mind when people hear the phrase “passive investing” is probably real estate. Yet anyone who has ever owned a rental home or apartment knows there’s no such thing. You have to collect rent, repair the property, pay taxes... Read More >>

    Decorated Cop Allegedly Breaks Into Woman’s Home, Says ‘Sometimes I’m A Bad Guy’ And Beats Her

    A Bronx police officer fresh off being honored with the department’s second-highest commendation allegedly broke into a 30 year-old woman’s home that same night, told her something extremely creepy, dragged her out of her bed and beat her. According to... Read More >>

    Japan Stunned After $617 Billion ‘Fat Finger’ Trading Error — Biggest Ever — Slams Stocks

    A few days ago, Bloomberg had a fascinating profile of the person, pardon degenerate Pachinko gambler, who goes under the name CIS, and who is the "mystery man who moves the Japanese market." In a nutshell, CIS, a momentum day trader and living proof of... Read More >>

    Equity Futures Fail To Surge Despite Ongoing Bad News Onslaught

    A quick anecdote that should quickly confirm just how broken everything is: earlier today MarkIt reported European manufacturing data that was atrocious, with both German and European PMIs tumbling to levels not seen since mid-2013, and with Europe's growth... Read More >>

    What Happened In Yesterday’s “Crazy” And Biggest Ever “Window-Dressing” Reverse Repo?

    Back in the day, when the sophisticated deep thinkers who effuse deep economic thought, were deeply contemplating whether the Fed's IOER was a better tool to assist if and when (hint: never) the Fed begins to hike rates, or whether the relatively new... Read More >>

    Why Is China Hoarding Gold? Alan Greenspan Explains

    Remember when instead of pontificating on and explaining the consequences of three decades of devastating, ruinous, irresponsible Fed policies, and eagerly sharing ideas on how to "fix" these unfixable problems, Alan Greenspan was the primary culprit behind... Read More >>

    Does Surging Demand For Gold & Silver Coins Signal A Bottom?

    Individual buyers aren’t the dominant players in precious metals but they do make a difference. And their renewed enthusiasm is matched by some recent national trends. There’s no guarantee that this buying, encouraging as it seems, is anything more... Read More >>

    More Lies: Watchdog Finds Government ‘Greatly Exaggerated’ Success In Funding Small Businesses Last Year

    New investigations by the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Inspector General have found SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet's announcement that small businesses received 23.39% of all federal contracts was greatly exaggerated. As WaPo... Read More >>

    Caught On Tape: HFT Algo Manipulating GOOGL 1000 Times Per Second

    It is very common to find examples of stock quotes changing rapidly - hundreds and sometimes thousands of times per second in a single stock. At the extreme, we've seen in excess of 25,000 quote changes in a single stock in one second of time or less (this... Read More >>

    Investors Are Too Comfortable In The Fed’s Win-Win Conditions For Taking Risk

    For a long time, Fed printing via balance sheet expansion has been the key to understanding markets and the predominant driver that has trumped all other matters. Investors have been able to ignore significant global events, tensions, and economic conditions... Read More >>

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