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  • 10 Things You Should Never Buy Again

    Yesterday’s hot trend, tomorrow’s buyer’s remorse. The 10 technologies, products and services most likely to give you buyer’s remorse in 2015. 1. Cable TV Though cable providers still have plenty of subscribers — roughly 101.7 million Americans,... Read More >>

    Seven Tax Time Retirement Savings Tricks

    What if you could boost your retirement savings, courtesy of Uncle Sam? Some of the most generous provisions of the tax code are incentives to save whether via a workplace 401(k), an Individual Retirement Account, a Roth IRA, or one of many retirement plans... Read More >>

    Home Equity Loans Vs. Line Of Credit

    When you want to cash in on your home's value without selling it, you may consider getting either a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit (HELOC). But how do you know which option is right for you? And what are the differences between these... Read More >>

    Five Reasons To Drop Your Cellphone Carrier

    Poor service and extended contracts leave many looking for better service The relationship started off strong. Commitments were made and adhered to. But now you're losing that loving feeling. In fact, you've been checking out other potential suitors on the... Read More >>

    Winning IRA Strategies For 2015

    Too many people leave money on the table when managing their IRAs. There are a lot of decisions to make, and the wrong choices can result in higher taxes or even penalties. That’s a shame, since IRAs are among the most valuable assets most people own.... Read More >>

    When Health-Care Reforms Don’t Add Up

    The Barack Obama administration has announced plans to tie 90 percent of all Medicare fee-for-service payments to some sort of quality or value measure by 2018. Sounds exciting! Who wouldn't like to ensure that their doctors are paid for delivering value,... Read More >>

    Teachers’ Retirement Funds Are Piling Into Manhattan Real Estate At Record High Prices

    As soon as I woke up this morning, I saw an email from a very smart friend of mine in the finance industry. He forwarded me an article from the New York Post, about how TIAA-CREF had paid $3,158 per square foot for a building in the Meatpacking area of... Read More >>

    Taking A Sledgehammer To A New Ford F-150

    Taking two hard swings with a sledgehammer on a two-day-old $52,000 Ford F-150 pickup might sound insane. But the wallops being heard around the auto world were only done in the name of research. The question that set out to answer was this:... Read More >>

    Who Would Pay More If We Lift The Cap On Payroll Taxes?

    Progressives have been arguing for some time now that one of the best ways to close Social Security’s long-range funding gap would be to lift the cap on maximum wages subject to payroll taxes. This year, the cap is $118,500; there’s a basic fairness... Read More >>

    TurboTax’s Database Knows Your Secrets

    TurboTax customers are already outraged with a stealth 50 percent price hike in the software this year. But more secrets are coming out that might be equally surprising to some. Intuit (INTU), the company that makes TurboTax, maintains a database... Read More >>

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