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  • 3 Reasons Why Apologizing Hurts Your Business

    When things go wrong in your business, do you apologize? I’m not so sure that you should -- at least not as much. Just the other week, my Delta Airlines flight was delayed because of the weather. The gate attendant apologized to everyone for the delay.... Read More >>

    5 Things Only Entrepreneurs Can Truly Understand

    Entrepreneurship isn’t a job -- it’s a lifestyle. But even the word “lifestyle” doesn’t quite capture the full experience. When you first delve into entrepreneurship, it’s likely you’ll have no idea what you’re doing. You’ll mess up,... Read More >>

    The Essential Ingredients To Startup Success

    Even before ever starting my own business, I knew I wasn’t going to make it working for someone else. Did you ever have that feeling? Of course you did. More than anything, I wanted the freedom to determine the parameters of my working life, and... Read More >>

    3 Of The Worst Ways To Spend Your Tax Refund

    As refund checks arrive, many of us our making plans for the "extra" money. Just about half of us expect to receive a refund, according to a Bankrate survey, and for those of us who actually receive a chunk of change this tax season, some of us will be... Read More >>

    Save On Taxes By Finding Every Deduction

    Every possible tax deduction can help when your money is tight. Yet many available legal deductions go unclaimed each year simply because most taxpayers still don't know the breaks exist. From eyeglasses to airline baggage fees, you might qualify for at least... Read More >>

    Taming Retiree Health Care Costs

    Good news: Recurring, predictable out-of-pocket health care expenses remain somewhat stable over the course of retirement. The bad news: Non-recurring unpredictable expenses — such as surgery, hospitalizations, and nursing home care — increase with... Read More >>

    Brrrr: America’s 50 Coldest Cities

    With nearly a month of winter left, 2015 is already the coldest winter since 1979. Cities as far south as Washington, D.C., have seen subzero temperatures while others have been ravaged by snow. While extreme winters may be anomalous in some of these... Read More >>

    Land The Big Job Without A Big Education

    How do you get a raise? You rock at your job. How do you rock your job? You apply your skills and knowledge to your work and bring value to your company. How do you learn these skills and knowledge to bring value to the company? You become educated in... Read More >>

    Real-Estate Agents Ride High Again

    This is turning out to be a pretty nice time to be a residential real-estate agent. As the housing market recovers, average income has been rising faster than sales largely because there are fewer agents planting for-sale signs. It's mostly the result of... Read More >>

    U.S. Healthcare And The Tragedy Of The Commons

    The lessons drawn from the U.S. healthcare system's failures can be fruitfully applied to a variety of large-scale problems around the world. Let's start with an insightful look at the fixes that have largely failed to rein in costs and improve actual... Read More >>

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