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  • Add Fraud To The List Of Obamacare Disasters

    The Government Accountability Office sent out investigators to check how easy it is to fraudulently qualify for subsidies on the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges. Here’s what they found: It’s astonishingly easy, at least on the federal... Read More >>

    China Seals Off Yumen City After Outbreak Of Bubonic Plague

    With Colorado suffering from pneumonic plague, and the dreadfully sad report of Sierra Leone's chief Ebola doctor contracting the virus, it appears China is taking no chances. As Yahoo reports, Chinese officials have blocked off parts of Yumen, a city in... Read More >>

    Questions For Obamacare Now

    Yesterday, I outlined what we knew about Halbig v. Burwell, the case in which a federal appellate court ruled that subsidies for purchasing insurance under Obamacare can only be made available on marketplaces established by states. Now I propose to outline... Read More >>

    Is College Worth It? Here’s The Fed’s Answer In One Chart

    The topic of whether college is worth it (costs vs benefits) has been discussed at length (here, here, and here most recently) but no lesser entity than the San Francisco Fed's PhDs have crunched the numbers and found that in the new normal, median starting... Read More >>

    Obamacare Is Ending, And Other Nonsense

    It's too soon to panic -- or celebrate, as the case may be: Obamacare isn't dead. And given the flimsy logic of the latest legal argument against it, there's a good chance it never will be. The excitement began yesterday morning, when a panel of the U.S.... Read More >>

    Obamacare Has A Scary Day In Court

    Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, the judges in Washington took another big chomp out of the Affordable Care Act. No, not the Supreme Court -- this time it was the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. In a 2-1 panel decision... Read More >>

    The World’s Best, And Worst, Housing Markets

    Home sales, at least in the U.S., seem to be rising. Existing home sales in June increased to 5.04 million annualized. That number may be affected by the weather, as June sales most likely come from contracts signed after the depths of winter. To find out... Read More >>

    Senate Literary Critics Don’t Like Fictional Derivatives

    Today, the Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations is holding hearings about how some hedge funds, led by Renaissance Technologies, and with the assistance of some banks like Barclays and Deutsche Bank, may have evaded some $6 billion in taxes by... Read More >>

    Possible Epidemic? The Chikungunya Virus Is Starting To Spread In America

    Cases of the chikungunya virus are appearing in the United States at a level that is far higher than anything health officials have seen in recent years, and now there are two confirmed cases of people that have not even traveled out of the country getting... Read More >>

    Error: You Have No Payments From Pharma

    The federal government has a word for physicians who don’t have financial relationships with pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers: “Error.” Last week, the government began allowing doctors to log into a secure website to check the payments... Read More >>

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