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  • PDQ: Why You Should Know Your Personal Disability Quotient

    Could health issues sideline your earning power? Chances are, it's yes—and knowing this # can help you protect your income. “When most of my clients think about their basic insurance needs, typically life, health, homeowner’s and auto insurance... Read More >>

    How To Cut Your Property Taxes

    Now is the time to appeal your home's assessed value. You could save big on property taxes. If you’re a homeowner in a high-tax state, you know that a property-tax bill is one of the biggest numbers you’ll see all year. But there’s something you can... Read More >>

    How Investing Just $50 A Month Can Make An Impact On Your Nest Egg

    $50 may not seem like much for a nest egg—unless you look at compound growth. From savings accounts to 401(k)s, we do the math. By Marisa Torrieri This story originally appeared on LearnVest. Saving $50 each month probably doesn’t sound like... Read More >>

    Big-Picture Trade-Offs: How Three People Are Sacrificing To Reach Their Dreams

    This story originally appeared on LearnVest. We all have dreams. The colonial with an in-ground pool. The once-in-a-lifetime trip to Bora Bora. The weekends spent holed up in a delightful cabin in the woods. And they’re all good dreams to have, but... Read More >>

    Retailers: Chip Cards Need PIN To Protect Shoppers

    Our credit cards are now secured with computer chips, but the world’s largest retail trade group says consumers are no safer, while businesses are being forced to spend up to $35 billion. Most banks and credit unions are issuing credit cards that require... Read More >>

    Medicare Part B Premiums To Rise 52% For 7M

    For seven in 10 Medicare beneficiaries 2016 will be much like 2015. They will pay $104.90 per month for their Medicare Part B premium just as they did in 2015. But 2016 might not be anything like 2015 for some 30% of Medicare beneficiaries — roughly 7... Read More >>

    Shyp Reinvents The Shipping Experience

    Some entrepreneurs think big. Others think huge. Kevin Gibbon prefers the latter approach, which helps explain why his start-up's idea involved nothing less than reinventing the way people think about shipping. Appropriately called Shyp, the company... Read More >>

    Insurance: What Kind Do I Need And How Much?

    We understand the importance of insurance to protect us financially. But many of us pay for insurance every year without knowing exactly what it covers and what it does not. It all seems like a big secret. Let’s take a closer look at common property and... Read More >>

    10 Steps To Slash Your Real Estate Taxes

    Did you know you can fight back if your real estate tax bill is unfairly high? Your property's assessment should be close to those of comparable properties in your neighborhood. (The assessed value multiplied by the tax rate determines your tax bill.) The... Read More >>

    Why Logos Are So Important To Fighting Fraud In Retirement

    Investors may not realize it, but certain company logos can impact their retirement, particularly if they want to avoid becoming victims of a Ponzi scheme or other form of financial fraud. I was recently watching the television show American Greed and was... Read More >>

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