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  • Even After Doctors Are Sanctioned Or Arrested, Medicare Keeps Paying

    In August 2011, federal agents swept across the Detroit area, arresting doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals accused of running a massive scheme to defraud Medicare. The following month, several of those arrested — including psychiatrist... Read More >>

    Charting Death (and Life) In America 

    Who dies -- and how -- can reveal a great deal about life in the U.S. CHECK OUT this interactive exploration of the changing nature of American mortality. Click to read the full story Read More >>

    Statins May Help With Dementia, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Stroke And More

    Statin drugs are known to reduce levels of cholesterol. Their primary use is aimed at helping to prevent cardiovascular disease. But there is evidence that statins may be useful in a number of other disease states, from dementia, to Parkinson’s, to various... Read More >>

    Finding Safe, Guaranteed Income

    Money is pouring into index annuities at a rapid rate. They’re the annuities with the highest sales in most recent years. It’s not surprising. An index annuity is a good place to put some investment dollars. You have the potential to earn a higher return... Read More >>

    What Companies Want From College Grads

    The most in-demand majors and degrees from the class of 2014. Employers expect to hire more college graduates from the class of 2014 than from the class of 2013, shows an update to the National Association of Colleges and Employers job outlook survey out... Read More >>

    Online Scams Lure Shoppers With ‘Luxury’ Handbag Ripoffs

    Fraudsters are not only adept at making counterfeits look like the real thing. They also employ creative marketing strategies that exploit consumers’ buying habits. If you’re feeling flush and want to do your part for consumer confidence -- say because... Read More >>

    What Pre-Retirees Should Be Asking About Taxes

    With Tax Day behind you, it's a good time to come up with answers. Now that April 15 has come and gone, many Americans are beginning to evaluate their finances and start planning for the coming year. For those retiring in the next five to 10 years, there’s... Read More >>

    Can Limiting Divorce Make Marriage Stronger?

    Is restricting no-fault divorce a good way to shore up marriage? I see via Rod Dreher that there is a movement afoot in some states to restrict no-fault divorce, on the grounds that easy divorce is undermining marriage. Rod and I disagree about lots of... Read More >>

    You Probably Won’t Be Surprised At What Millennials Plan To Do With Their Tax Refunds

    Just in time for today’s filing deadline, a recent survey from Carnegie Mellon University found that if given a $1000 tax refund -- this year’s average is about $3034 -- Millennials would spend it -- men opted for electronics, while women chose clothing.... Read More >>

    Rising Food Prices Pinching Consumers

    Stores are passing higher food costs along to customers. After two months of sharp increases in food prices, grocers are starting to pass along their higher wholesale costs to consumers. Beverly Cabellon, 61, of Pleasant Hill, Calif., was taken aback by... Read More >>

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