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  • Five Entrepreneurial Roadblocks You Never See Coming

    Roadblocks are common in the startup world. Some seasoned entrepreneurs thrive on them, seeing them as exciting challenges that encourage them to innovate. Most new entrepreneurs are intimidated by them, seeing them as dangerous threats to their burgeoning... Read More >>

    Seven Bits Of Wise Career Advice That Doesn’t Apply To Entrepreneurs

    What makes sense when you're climbing the ladder doesn't when you're building your own ladder. Even in this changing workforce, being an entrepreneur -- for better or for worse -- just isn’t like other jobs. When you are your own boss, and your work is... Read More >>

    Ones To Watch: 3 Companies Attacking Familiar Problems In New Ways

    You may have never heard of these companies, but in their own way, they’re helping to change the world with unconventional policies. Ecovative To replace Styrofoam and similar landfill-clogging blights, this New York company relies on mushrooms, using... Read More >>

    This Startup Is Developing An Electric Car Battery That Can Charge In Minutes

    Tesla’s fast chargers can add about 170 miles worth of electricity to its cars’ batteries in about 30 minutes. If an Israeli startup achieves its goal, electric cars could travel hundreds of miles after only five minutes of charging. On Wednesday... Read More >>

    This Uber Driver Sells His Handmade Jewelry Out Of His Car, And Made A Quarter Million Dollars Last Year.

    Gavin Escolar has designed jewelry pieces worth over a hundred thousand dollars. He’s also an Uber driver. He started driving for the ride share platform a few years ago. At first, it was a way for him to make extra money as a struggling artist living in... Read More >>

    James Harrison Is Right: Winning Is Better Than Trying

    Trying isn't the same as winning. It baffles me that people are critical of James Harrison, the Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker who made headlines over the weekend for taking two "participation" trophies away from his sons. Harrison went public... Read More >>

    You Don’t Have To Be A VC To Invest In Cleantech–and Our World’s Future Needs Investors

    Do you picture a venture capitalist writing out a check—one with lots of zeros—to a startup that’s tackling issues related to sustainability? That’s one form of investing in cleantech, and make no mistake: it has played a huge role in moving... Read More >>

    A 3-Step Formula To Success — Really

    What does it really take to be successful? I think I have an answer. That’s a bold claim, I know. But I can back it up. Hear me out. I’ve been teaching people how to bring product ideas to market via licensing with my partner Andrew Krauss for more... Read More >>

    7 Must-Read Books For The Budding Entrepreneur

    Reading is a great tool to change the way you think and open your mind up to new solutions. When you read you realize that people in this world have already faced the majority of the same problems that you face now. You can then adapt their experiences to... Read More >>

    4 Passionate Tips For Growing A Successful Business

    In the journey of building my last business, I remember wanting so badly to be successful and prove to my parents and the world that I had what it took. I worked hard relentlessly for years and eventually achieved the material stuff and accolades that evoked... Read More >>

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