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    Currency Wars Likely To Spark Gold Rush

    There is a great deal of speculation among economic experts that an unavoidable global currency war is on the horizon; gold investors rejoice.

    The precious metal is lauded by some as the ideal investment to hedge against economic calamity and disregarded by others. But there is little doubt that countries around the globe artificially devaluing currencies make gold a safe haven asset.

    “We are now moving irrevocably to a time when gold will measure currencies, not currencies measure gold,” said Julian Phillips, a South Africa-based contributor and founder at

    Some investors are speculating a rise in gold against all currencies as more people realize that all nations are artificially manipulating fiat money, driving inflation up. Gold hit a six-month low on Friday, but it is still worth more than six times as much as it was just more than a decade ago.

    Some gold investment proponents suggest that now is the time to get into gold, before more governments make moves to revive the global economy from a possible collapse resulting from currency wars by getting as much of the precious metal into central banks as possible.

    “There isn’t enough free market supply to feed this demand. Only higher prices that precipitate selling of currently held gold will increase this amount. If the banking system joins the picture, then substantially higher supply will be needed, which will bring with it substantially higher prices,” according to Phillips.

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