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    More MSM backlash Against Obama Administration’s Control-Freak Idea Of ‘Transparency’
    Will Harry Reid Steal The Coming Elections?
    SWAT Raid To Shut Down Twitter Parody Of Illinois Politician Was Legal, Judge Rules
    Obama Explains Why He ‘Did Not Request Permission’ To Invade Syria
    AP Swoons Over Obama’s Airstrikes
    Democrats Say What’s Good For The Nation Is Terrible For Georgia
    Did Barack Obama Just Crack Down On Tax Inversions, Or What?
    Shield Law For Reporters A D.C. Casualty
    Nearly Two-thirds Of Americans Can’t Identify The Three Branches Of Government
    City Considers Allowing Police Warrantless Access To Homes To Check For Underage Drinking
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    Bobby Jindal Launches His Energy Plan
    The War On Poverty: Failure Redefined As Success
    Wendy Davis Asks Greg Abbott To Ignore A Law She Voted For

    Poll Results: Should Congress Raise the Debt Ceiling?


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    The Influence Of Qatar On U.S. policy — And The Legal Loophole That Encourages It
    Russia Holds Massive Military Drill: 155,000 Troops, 4,000 Tanks, 632 Aircraft, 84 Ships
    Israel Joins The Fighting, Shoots Down Syrian Warplane Which Acted In ‘Threatening Manner’
    Gateway Policies: ISIS, Obama And US Financial Boots-On-The-Ground
    The Geopolitical Situation In Europe
    China May Have Just Created The “Muslim Mandela”
    China Is Outfitting Repressive African Regimes With ‘Torture Tools’
    Kill ISIS With ‘A Weapons-Grade Entitlement Program’
    This Is How Italy “Fixes” Its Unsustainable Debt Problem
    The PetroYuan Cometh: China Docks Navy Destroyer In Iran’s Strait Of Hormuz Port
    ISIS Slams “Mule Of The Jews” Obama, Demands Killing Of “Disbelievers” Especially “Filthy French”
    The U.S. Ponzi Economy
    150 Years Of Global Monetary Policy
    Pentagon Prepares To Unveil Syria War Plans As ‘Broad Coalition’ Crumbles
    This Industry Is Getting Faster-than-Inflation Gains Due To Regulation
    9th Circuit Agrees School Can Ban American Flag
    The Dishonesty Of Assault Weapon Laws
    The GOP’s Era Of No Feelings
    How Redbox Took On Climate Change: Fewer Left-hand Turns
    Scotland Is Still Closer To Independence—Just Look At Quebec
    Relief Over Scotland Gives Way To ‘Great Stagnation’ Worries
    China Says Will Not Alter Policy Because Of One Economic Indicator
    Recovery Eludes Long-term Unemployed
    Nobody’s Neutral In Net Neutrality Debate
    China, U.S., India Push World Carbon Emissions Up
    Falling Used-car Prices Roil The Auto Market
    Gas Prices Fall, Extending Summer Decline
    Top 5 Money Problems Americans Face
    Detroit Fears Of Losing Carmaking To Silicon Valley
    Redefining The ‘Border Crisis’
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