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    Storing Your Precious Metals

    There are many reports out now that some bullion banks are refusing to allow the withdrawal of gold. They are offering cash in place of the gold.

    We have cautioned you for several years now to take personal possession of your gold and silver and don’t trust anybody with it.

    This means avoiding so-called safety deposit boxes. They will be raided, and your gold and silver will be stolen. Avoid any and all so-called “storage vaults” or facilities. Store your personal gold and silver yourself. It is your life, so figure it out.

    The recent slam on gold and silver prices has caused some who bought precious metals on our advice to go wobbly. I feel sorry for newcomers to the gold and silver market who are worried sick because they think they will lose their money. Don’t worry. This is an opportunity, the last chance to cash in while prices of gold and silver are suppressed. So load up if you can find some to buy.

    During the last gold bull market, prices crashed in 1974 and 1975 before they took off again to all-time highs. And now we see the big banks led by JPMorgan going from record shorts to record long. This means they certainly expect this temporary suppression to give way to the most explosive advances imaginable.

    The base or platform is building, and we need to get ready for this last blast after an almost two-year correction. Monday’s rise in prices was a good sign that bottom may have been reached.

    What do I expect? A lulu crash on Wall Street. The pattern now of the Wall Street profile looks like the “jaws of death,” according to Robert McHugh. At the same time or thereabouts, I expect the huge blastoff in precious metals as well as the mining stocks, including the juniors.

    Your stocks and gold and silver should be fully paid for with no margin and above all, in your own hands. I hope that you have taken delivery of your actual stock certificates or at least have your stocks in the Direct Registration System.

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