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    VIX-Manipulating HFT Algo Is Booted From Dark Pool, Exposed For Whole World To See

    VIX was monkey-hammered lower once again today, lifting stocks vertically to Russell 2000 record highs and The Dow within a point of 17,000. The question is who (or what) is doing it. Nanex appears to have found out who…It appears the un-visible hand of VIX manipulation (that we have shown previously) has been forced into the open public markets as Barclays goes dark. Simply put, massive bursts of 1-lot TVIX orders flood and delay the markets enabling HFTs to manipulate the tail that inevitably wags the market (via VXX, SPX options, and leverage) and now that the dark pools are disappearing, we see it all in real-time.

    We have previously noted the odd ‘dark pool’ manipulation we suspected was occurring in VIX derivatives… Through massive VXX selling in dark pools…

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    Daimler To Invest $500 Million In U.S. Plant To Make Commercial Vans
    Oil Climbs To $61 On Mideast Supply Concerns
    BP And Partners To Invest $12 Billion In Egypt Gas Deal
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    11 ‘Healthy Stocks’ Catch A Cold
    Wall Street Keys Off ECB QE And Big Pharma Deal
    Woman Protests Uber’s $100 Bodily Fluids Fee
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    Uber Just Bought Mapping Startup DeCarta
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